Our studio comprises of Moscow and Milan based teams of architects, designers and constructors. We have experience as three generations of architects, combining traditions, rapidly changing technologies and non-standard approach to design. Our activities spread through all scales of design, from product design to private and public buildings and landscape. We find an individual path with each client, from private home owners to companies and state organizations, each with unique needs, financial capabilities and expectations.
When designing, we consider numerous factors related to the ambiance of the space, program of the building, and its character. Through the incorporation of certain elements, such as materials, light and shape we try to express local culture and the features of the specific area that eventually develop into a product, unique by its quality and by its relevance.
Every place is unique and asks for a unique approach. When we focus on a specific site for which we are going to design a building, we deeply analyze such features as the history of the place, environment, relief, density, traffics, its colors and mood. The analysis gives very important ideas of the object: whether it should be in harmony with the existing landscape, or, vice versa, in contrast with it in order to emphasis the space. There is always the interplay between place and object.
We take on every single project as a challenge, with responsibility for every single line that is drawn. Our projects grow from the process of the intensive dialog between architect and client, which is completed only reaching the presence of a truly strong concept and thorough expression of the smallest details. A significant part of the design process is the modeling and rendering. It provides for maximal understanding of the final result. between place and object.
Each material has its own language and promotes a better expression of the idea that underlies in the project. Every color and treatment is chosen to enhance its efficiency and image. We choose materials based on quality, durability and sustainability. We find it inappropriate to simulation a certain material with another, as the psychological and tactile sensations are very meaningful. Asthe quality of architecture can be truly evaluated through the closest contact.

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